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How does your business become an EE Reseller?

How does your business become an EE Reseller?

We discuss how to join the EE Reseller Programme together with the options and links you need to progress an application.

With EE voted as the number 1 mobile operator within the UK together with their 5G availability in over 100 towns and cities, the market opportunity is significant. In this article, we also outline the available products which include iPhones and Samsung mobile handsets through to numerous Android options and SIM only.

The EE Reseller Programme is available across three options which include Business and Distribution Partners, Solution Partners and Reseller Partners. The advantages of partnering to sell EE Business products and services are clear with competitive price points, 5G coverage and a recognised brand. With significant investment from BT, there has never been a better time to begin selling the latest iPhone, Samsung, Android and SIM only handsets.

How does your business become an EE Reseller?

To help with your research and interest in an EE partnership, we’ll outline each of the three options with some of the pros and cons and how to progress an application.

One of the first areas to consider is whether or not your business is interested in owning the contractual relationship with the end customer or simply transacting sales for commission payment.

“The simplest and perhaps the only option for most applicants is to sell EE via an existing BT or EE Authorised Partner.”

Partnering requires careful thought with regards to process and admin support.

SEE Reseller Programme via Netify

Recognised leading UK brand with huge investment from BT Business.

1. Become an EE Business and Distribution Partner.

EE Business and Distribution partners are paid commission for making the sale but the customer retains a direct relationship with EE. While this option may sound a little simplistic, the channel is supported by dedicated account managers and the wider EE infrastructure.

Application considerations will require your business to meet certain criteria which includes turnover, a solid route to market and an ability generate significant total contract revenues. As an example, there are under 20 Authorised Partners within the UK which demonstrates the strict need to meet EE qualification standards.

“As an example, there are under 20 Authorised Partners within the UK which demonstrates the strict need to meet EE qualification standards.”

Joining EE directly will need your business to demonstrate your route to market with the ability to meet targets.

The alternative is to join an existing Authorised Partner which is open to most businesses without targets and the need to qualify. Netify can get you up and running in less than two weeks - if you are interested in learning more about selling EE Business via Netify, click the option below.

If contracting directly is required, becoming an EE Business and Distribution Partner will not offer this outcome.

2. Become an EE Solution Partner.

EE Solution Partners are responsible for architecting IT and mobile solutions to large businesses. As an example, the solution partner will typically involve other service providers to complete the requirements with a wrap of support and billing. EE Business is therefore one of many brands brought together with the intent of delivering a specific mobile capability to the customer.

3. Become an EE Reseller Partner.

Unlike EE Solution Partners, EE Reseller Parters focus on mobile services for large businesses by creating bespoke pricing and proposals. As an Authorised EE Reseller Partner, your business is viewed as experts and will be required to answer enquires with full support and billing services. At this level of partnership with EE, your business will need to again meet strict requirements to join their partner programme.

4. Become an EE MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator).

Building an MVNO agreement with EE will undoubtedly require a significant investment. With this said, companies such as Virgin Mobile and BT Business have operated successfully due to the level of support provided by the EE MVNO team. 

Our team are in the EE business portal all day ready to build deals and provide the very latest mobiles, SIM only, tablets and Apple Watch pricing.

What business products can EE Resellers access?

EE offer the complete business portfolio of products which include the Apple iPhone, Samsung series, Android mobiles, SIM only and Apple Watch. All EE sales can be built to your requirements with unlimited calls to mobiles, landlines and 4G/5G data bundles.

In addition to EE, all Netify EE Resellers are also positioned to access BT products which include BT Business Broadband, BT Cloud Voice and BTNet leased lines.

What sales support should I expect?

Amber Baxter Head of Admin

Above. Amber Baxter, Head of Administration for Netify..

The answer largely depends on whether you access EE Business directly or via an existing EE Partner. In respect of access via one of their partners, there is typically a number of areas to consider:

(These are based on Netify)

  • SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for partnership issues where escalation is required.
  • Sales Support to construct deals and provider the latest deals and offers.
  • Daily account management resource.
  • Training on the latest products and sales order process.
  • Weekly sales reporting including order status.
  • Zoom and in person meeting representation for more significant opportunities.
  • Mobile Sales Specialist assigned to your account.
What is your responsibility to EE customers?

In general terms, you will be expected to account manage your customer which will involve placing orders and upgrades. The level of support you decide to provide really depends on how you partner with EE or via an existing BT/EE Partner.

“In general terms, you will be expected to account manage your customer which will involve placing orders and upgrades.”

Selling EE products as an agency is a fairly simple process.

How do you process EE Reseller orders?

Netify operate a portal allowing your business to easily place orders. The customer will be expected to provide their business contact details and banking information to process the order. Finally, we use Equifax as an ID checker ensuring we are compliant against fraud. Once complete, the customer will flow through the typical EE process.

Want to apply to sell EE Business via Netify?

The typical process begins with an on-boarding session where we learn more about your business and route to market and we’ll provide you with a good overview of the proposition.

Once the on-boarding session is complete, both parties (your business and Netify) will be better positioned to understand whether working together across the EE/BT brand is achievable.

To apply, we require some initial details on your route to market, projected sale volumes and company structure. The EE brand is well governed; we need to ensure your organisation is capable of selling under strict compliance.

Before you apply to become an EE Mobile Reseller, your business should be providing an Internet presence and corporate email address. Without these essential details, it will not be possible to progress an application. We currently only support UK HQ’d business applications.

Learn more about the BT & EE Reseller Programme.

Register your interest in joining the BT Reseller Programme to unlock EE Mobile, BT Business Broadband, BTnet Leased Lines and BT Cloud Voice.

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