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Joining the BT Reseller Programme means finding an existing BT distributer to manage your account and process orders. As one of the longest service BT distributers, Netify are recognised for our work across the channel - we currently process more orders than any other BT Partner.

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Join the BT Reseller Programme to sell hosted VoIP.

Netify is offering the chance for businesses to join our BT hosted VoIP reseller programme. We offer excellent commissions, fantastic onboarding and account management with access to BT sales specialist resource.

The BT Cloud Voice product is not only market leading but offers access to a fantastic, well governed, iconic brand for your business to leverage. We’re offering market leading commissions currently set at 21% of TCV (Total Contract Value) across 3 and 5-year contracts. The SOV (Sales Order Value) percentage is paid up front upon successful installation of your customer's service.

Why not partner directly with BT for hosted voice?

We would always recommend contacting BT directly if you feel your business is suited to a full partnership. However, you will be subject to targets (outside of Cloud Voice, across all products) and will need to meet certain criteria to be accepted as a full partner. Where becoming a full partner is not a requirement or perhaps simply not a good fit, your business is able to become a BT Reseller via an existing partner such as Network Union. There are no setup costs to join and our commission share offers a market leading 70% of paid BT values. If you would like to discuss the best option for your business, let us know.

What is BT Cloud Voice?

You’ll essentially be selling the BT replacement for legacy ISDN-2 and ISDN-30 products, positioning brand new solutions or replacing competitor capbility, i.e. migrating hosted VoIP away from another SIP/Cloud provider. Cloud Voice is based on Broadsoft platform which is currently used by 25 of the top 30 service providers across 80 countries. When combined with the BT IP backbone, the capability offers not only excellent features but also consistent performance.

Cloud Voice offers the ability to position licence based features and functionality with calling packages (including unlimited and sharer) together with Yealink or Polycom hardware. Importantly, BT Resellers are able to sell to existing BT clients, e.g. ISDN, Broadband, Leased Line or even an existing Cloud Voice customer looking to add additional services.

Here's the details:

  • Basic Licence - Includes hunt group, online portal, automatic call routing, call forwarding, call transfer and three way calling.
  • Connect Licence - Includes all Basic licence features plus call director and voicemail.
  • Collaborate Licence - Includes all Basic and Connect licence features with UC Business (Mobile / Tablet apps) and UC Team (allows web conferencing).
  • Calling packages - available with unlimited or sharer minutes. Yealink and Polycom hardware - good range from both hardware vendors including basic handsets through to sophisticated devices for more feature rich needs.
  • Training packages - BT offers comprehensive training from web conferencing through to onsite sessions and everything in between.

Alongside Cloud Voice, BT offer copper, Fibre Broadband and BTNet Ethernet leased lines all backed up by good SLAs (Service Level Agreements). We’ll provide you with the tools required to check availability via postcode and telephone number positioning your business to provide accurate advice. The additional portfolio products are also eligible for commissions to further increase the revenue into your business.

BT Hosted VoIP Reseller PDF

What is the BT Cloud VoIP reseller programme include?

In addition to our own training and on-boarding, you’ll also receive the input and support from a BT Cloud Voice sales specialist. The specialist resource is designed to support our team with pricing, product knowledge and general guidance throughout the sales process. We offer resources for prospect web conference and face to face training with access to demonstration equipment where required.

As the BT Reseller Programme is commission based, BT owns the contract and are responsible for service delivery and installation. We offer a portal to easily place your cloud voice orders which we have developed for ease of use. Once we receive your order detail, our admin team will get to work at placing your customer requirements with BT Business against a uniquely generated BT Reseller ID.

The process is designed to be light touch enabling your business to concentrate on selling with BT providing the contractual framework, support and delivery.

BT offer access to Partner Gateway, a portal with resources such as PDF sales materials, order tracking and training. In addition, dedicated Network Union admin will produce daily and weekly reports to ensure you’re always aware of order status and next actions.

Can we share some examples of BT Cloud Voice pricing?

The pricing examples below represent ‘off the shelf’ costs your business is able to offer prospects and customers. The only point to note is that the more discount offered, the less commission will be paid based on TCV (Total Contract Value).

5 Year term 5-10 Licences

  • £15.75 Per User Connect Licence

Unlimited UK Minutes to Landline and Mobile + Auto Attendant

Free Desk phones up to £106

3 Year term 5-10 Licences

  • £16.30 Per User Connect Licence

Unlimited UK Minutes to Landline and Mobile + Auto Attendant

50% off Desk phones up to the value of £106

In general, the more licences added to any proposal, the more discount our BT Cloud Voice Specialist will be positioned to apply. The process of discounting involves inputting licence quantity, type, hardware and call spend which will either pass or fail based on a minimum profit on the deal. In the examples above, licence quantities are low but they do offer an idea of the kind of costs incurred to use BT for hosted IP telephony.

What are the requirements for BT hosted VoIP?

The current product only supports BT Internet connectivity though there is an imminent release of 3rd party Internet allowing buyers to use any connection outside of BT for their office site. The product today does of course support any Internet connection but the initial purchase must be ordered with BT Broadband or BTNet Ethernet leased line services.

The basic bandwidth requirements are set at 100k per concurrent call so careful thought must be given to upstream bandwidth when using copper based services. Network Union provide all Resellers with advice across products and speeds. We’ll also perform a precheck prior to order placement which provides some basic detail surrounding any existing services.

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