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Joining the BT Reseller Programme means finding an existing BT distributer to manage your account and process orders. As one of the longest service BT distributers, Netify are recognised for our work across the channel - we currently process more orders than any other BT Partner.

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The BT Business channel is undergoing significant transformation as investment in tools, staff and products are all creating an easier to “do business” environment. As a BT Supplier, there has never been a better time to leverage the BT brand for your customers with products such as BT Cloud Voice, EE Mobile, Broadband and Ethernet leased lines leading the way for SME business.


What to expect from your Partner?

At this stage, you’re able to consider every BT Business Partner to become a Supplier for BT. We cannot comment on the processes used by other Partners under their particular programme, but the following should act as a guide.

Onboarding - the Partner should provide you with a fast track to understanding how to leverage and Join a BT Premier Partner.work with the BT brand. The guidelines cover everything from how to position your new BT Supplier logo on your website together with sales order processing and how your business should position your relationship with BT.

Product training - Suppliers often select a sub-set of products or look to sell the complete portfolio. In either respect, training on all products is necessary to understand how BT is different vs. the competition.

Sales reporting - Regular sales reports are available on a weekly basis with detail on order status and progress.

On time commission payments - Payments of available commissions should be made without delay together with a statement of your business and payments.

Regular reviews and product updates - As part of of the process, monthly product reviews with Q and A ensure all Network Union Suppliers are kept up to date with service enhancements.

The available BT Business products

As of writing this blog post, the following represents the leading BT Business products.


What else is new?

In other news, BT have released a toolkit interactive PDF which is fully clickable depending on the product or service you are interested in selling. As a new Authorised Supplier, the toolkit is invaluable when learning about product features together with standard and bundle pricing. The toolkit is updated on a regular basis as new products and price changes become available.

BT Business Toolkit
And for anyone interested in selling BT Cloud Voice, our Partner team are able to discount pricing where applicable using their ‘devolved authority’ status. While typically only applicable to 15 licence orders and above, our team will look to ensure the best offer is put forward to your customer base depending on the deal structure, competitive nature and profitability of the deal.

If you’re interested in becoming an Authorised Supplier for BT, take a look at our Reseller application page (this will be updated to reflect the new name / title later this year).

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