What is the BT Partner Programme?

The BT Partner Programme allows other companies, known as partners, to resell BT products and services to their own customers. These partners can include telecommunications companies, IT service providers, and other types of businesses that have a customer base that may be interested in BT's products and services.

The BT Partner Channel allows partners to offer BT's products and services under their own brand, which can help to increase the partner's credibility and value to their customers. Partners can also access BT's training and support resources, as well as its sales and marketing materials, to help them sell BT's products and services more effectively.

Partners in the BT Partner Channel can offer a wide range of BT products and services, including broadband, cloud voice, mobile, and networking services, as well as cloud computing, cybersecurity, and other IT services.

By joining the BT Partner Channel, companies can offer their customers a wider range of products and services and leverage BT's expertise, which can help them to increase their revenue and strengthen customer relationships.

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