What is a BT Leased Line? (BTnet)

What is a BT Leased Line? (BTnet)

BT Leased Lines are dedicated fiber Ethernet circuits which offer symmetrical Internet bandwidth, cybersecurity and optional managed services from Cisco and Meraki. Speeds are available across 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps circuits with options to create primary and failover resilience or load-balanced solutions. Leased lines offer improved uptime, latency, cybersecurity and support.

What is the BT Leased Line SLA? (Service Level Agreement)

Service Level AgreementDescription
  • 100% uptime guarantee capped at 10 hours of downtime (outage).
  • 20ms (milliseconds) round-trip transmission across the UK.
  • 95ms (milliseconds) round-trip transmission for transatlantic traffic.
Installation lead time (Based on the number of days beyond the committed delivery date). Note: In some instances, ECC (Excess Construction Charges) may apply which means BT cannot commit to a delivery date.
  • 1-10 working days 5% reduced charges.
  • 11-15 working days 10% reduced charges.
  • 16-20 working days 15% reduced charges.
  • Greater than 20 working days 20% reduced charges.
MTTR (Mean time to Repair)
  • 5 hour fix time from point of identifying the fault.

What diversity options do BT Leased Lines offer?

BTnet leased lines are offered with the following options:

BTnet Diversity optionDescription
Standard accessBT will deliver a single leased line into your business premises.
SecureBT will deliver 2 leased lines into your premises with Openreach transmission diversity to the same BT PoP.
Secure PlusBT will deliver 2 leased lines with complete end-t-end separation. The circuits are delivered to 2 diverse building entry points and 2 diverse BT PoP locations.
Load balancedBT will deliver 2 leased lines as active / active into a single BT PoP location.

Note: * Secure and Secure Plus are subject survey.

Why choose a BT Leased Line?

BT leased lines are often chosen because of the following benefits:

  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) across uptime, latency & MTTR (Mean Time to Repair).
  • Network which is used by other ISP's (Internet Service Providers) for peering.
  • Diversity options and cybersecurity from Meraki which includes end point protection.

How much does a BT Leased Line cost?

Contract Term (Years)Bandwidth * Provide on 1Gbps circuitsManaged router optionNetify Channel offer
3100Cisco 800Mb£3,900.00
5100Cisco 800Mb£3,300.00
3200Cisco 800Mb£4,200.00
5200Cisco 800Mb£3,588.00
3500Cisco 800Mb£4,740.00
5500Cisco 800Mb£4,200.00
31000Cisco up to 1Gb£7,200.00
51000Cisco up to 1Gb£5,940.00
3100Cisco Meraki 500M£3,900.00
5100Cisco Meraki 500M£3,300.00
3200Cisco Meraki 500M£4,200.00
5200Cisco Meraki 500M£3,588.00
3500Cisco Meraki 1Gb£6,420.00
5500Cisco Meraki 1Gb£5,640.00
31000Cisco Meraki 1Gb£7,200.00
51000Cisco Meraki 1Gb£5,940.00

What security is available with BT Leased Lines?

BTnet security offers the following features:

BTNet security included with MerakiBTnet security feature
UTM (Unified Threat Management)Features include Firewall, Anti-malware, content filtering by URL and intrusion protection. Meraki UTM is cloud delivered and works by analysing network traffic vs set policies. All monitoring and reporting is provided by the Meraki BTnet dashboard which provides the insights across threats.

What are the contract terms when buying a BT leased line?

BTNet leased lines are available with 12, 36 and 60 month contracts. Customers which opt for longer terms contracts will receive lower monthly costs. Note: Choosing a 12 month contract will incur an up front installation fee.

What is BTnet Express?

BTnet Express is offered to customers requiring improved service and bandwidth options compared to Broadband. The Express service is not shared with other customers which means your circuit is dedicated which ensures you experience optimal performance. Service Level agreements are comparable with the full BTnet service and fully featured security is available.

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