How much do BT Leased Lines cost? (And get a deal)

How much do BT Leased Lines cost? (And get a deal)

The following table lists the current BT Leased Line costs with deal discounts if ordered from the BT Partner Channel.

Contract Term (Years)Bandwidth * Provide on 1Gbps circuitsManaged router optionSpecial temporary offerNetify Channel offer
3100MbpsCisco 800Mbps£487.5 cash back£3,900.00
5100MbpsCisco 800Mbps£412.50 cash back£3,300.00
3200MbpsCisco 800Mbps£525 cash back£4,200.00
5200MbpsCisco 800Mbps£448.50£3,588.00
3500MbpsCisco 800Mbps£412.50 cash back£4,740.00
5500MbpsCisco 800Mbps£525 cash back£4,200.00
31000Cisco up to 1Gbps£900 cash back£7,200.00
51000Cisco up to 1Gbps£742.50£5,940.00
3100MbpsCisco Meraki 500Mbps£487.5 cash back£3,900.00
5100MbpsCisco Meraki 500Mbps£412.50 cash back£3,300.00
3200MbpsCisco Meraki 500Mbps£525 cash back£4,200.00
5200MbpsCisco Meraki 500Mbps£448.50 cash back£3,588.00
3500MbpsCisco Meraki 1Gbps£802.50 cash back£6,420.00
5500MbpsCisco Meraki 1Gbps£705 cash back£5,640.00
31000MbpsCisco Meraki 1Gbps£900 cash back£7,200.00
51000MbpsCisco Meraki 1Gbps£742.50


How to request pricing with a deal?

All BTNet pricing is based on your specific postcode, bandwidth and diversity options. If you would like to learn more about requesting pricing from the Partner Channel, please submit your details here.


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