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2023 BT Leased Line Costs (Reduced pricing)

Netify is currently the largest distributor of BT services and can offer discounted prices compared to BT direct by positioning dedicated channel discounts and commissions. By processing large volumes of BT services at discounted rates, distributors can pass on the savings to customers. This competitive pricing strategy benefits both the distributor and their clients, who can access BT services at lower costs.

2023 BTnet Leased Line Pricing Table

The following table lists the current BT Leased Line costs with deal discounts if ordered from the BT Partner Channel.

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Contract Term (Years)Bandwidth * Provide on 1Gbps circuitsManaged router optionSpecial temporary offerBT Leased Line monthly costs (Please submit your postcode to request your specific pricing)
3100MbpsCisco 800Mbps£487.5 cash back£325 per month
5100MbpsCisco 800Mbps£412.50 cash back£275 per month
3200MbpsCisco 800Mbps£525 cash back£250 per month
5200MbpsCisco 800Mbps£448.50£299 per month
3500MbpsCisco 800Mbps£412.50 cash back£395 per month
5500MbpsCisco 800Mbps£525 cash back£350 per month
31000MbpsCisco up to 1Gbps£900 cash back£600 per month
51000MbpsCisco up to 1Gbps£742.50£495 per month
3100MbpsCisco Meraki 500Mbps£487.5 cash back£325 per month
5100MbpsCisco Meraki 500Mbps£412.50 cash back£275 per month
3200MbpsCisco Meraki 500Mbps£525 cash back£350 per month
5200MbpsCisco Meraki 500Mbps£448.50 cash back£299 per month
3500MbpsCisco Meraki 1Gbps£802.50 cash back£535 per month
5500MbpsCisco Meraki 1Gbps£705 cash back£470 per month
31000MbpsCisco Meraki 1Gbps£900 cash back£600 per month
51000MbpsCisco Meraki 1Gbps£742.50 cash back£495 per month

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BTnet Service Options


In today's cloud-based digital landscape, companies need to ensure their internet connectivity offers reliability and the best possible performance. The next logical step from broadband is leased line technology, which offers dedicated bandwidth, symmetrical bandwidth, and security options. Before we look at the costs of BT leased lines, we'll explain the factors and what you need to consider prior to making a purchase.

What BT leased line bandwidth options are available?

BTnet is offered with 1Gbps and 10Gbps circuit options with various tiers of bandwidth to reduce costs - i.e., only use what you need. The lowest bandwidth option is now 200Mbps, which is delivered on a standard 1Gbps circuit - Openreach no longer installs 100Mbps. The higher your bandwidth option, the higher your costs will be on a monthly basis. To determine your required speed, you should factor in the number of users and their traffic profile.

BTnet bandwidth might be an obvious factor, but it is important to think about how much bandwidth is required for your users and their applications. Changing your bandwidth can be completed quickly, so making an initial wrong decision can be easily rectified. BT currently starts their bandwidth options at 100Mbps and ends at 10Gbps for companies requiring high throughput.

What BT leased line contract options are available?

Although BTnet is available on 12-month contracts, installation fees will be applicable in addition to higher monthly costs. The best pricing is found on longer-term 36 and 60-month contracts, with the latter providing the best cost reduction. While 60-month contracts offer good upfront savings, it is important to consider your long-term options. BTnet can be relocated and upgraded as required, so most stable businesses will consider 60-month terms.

How to find out how close your business is to a BTnet PoP?

While there is no interactive tool available, you can submit a pricing request here, which will detail your location vs the nearest BTnet PoP. The location of your business to the closest PoP is determined by Openreach and how close their fibre network is to your premises. With this in mind, a farmer will typically experience a higher pricing point vs a business in a populated area.

If your business is located rurally, there's a good chance you will be located several kilometres from the local BTnet connection point (PoP). The further your distance to the local PoP, the higher your monthly costs, which means the majority of BT leased line customers are located near to town and city locations.

What BT leased line security options are available?

BTnet is available with the following options:

  • Cisco Meraki UTM (Unified Threat Management) - Firewall to block traffic, anti-malware, content filtering by URL, and intrusion protection.
  • Standard Cisco router - if you are using your own security, purchase the standard Cisco router as your terminating edge device.
  • DIY - provide your own router/firewall.

What BT leased line resilience and diversity options are available?

BTnet can be purchased as a single leased line or with a number of other options to increase uptime.

  • Secure - a second BT leased line connected to the same PoP.
  • Secure Plus - a second BT leased line diversely routed to two different PoP locations. Secure Plus increases the cost vs Secure because of the need to extend the distance.

What are the Installation Fees and Excess Construction Charges for BT leased lines?

Installation fees for 12-month contracts range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds depending on location. However, 36 and 60-month contracts are currently offered with £0 upfront costs (Excess construction costs may apply).

ECCs, or Excess Construction Charges, are applicable if your installation necessitates supplementary work beyond the usual installation process. This may involve additional civil engineering work, road closures, or other intricate construction tasks. The ECCs may differ extensively, subject to the particular circumstances of the installation.

  • BT offers a 5-hour fix time SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • 100% fix time.
  • Security options from Cisco Meraki.
  • BT pricing starts at £299 per month (without Netify offers).
  • Network coverage (the majority of smaller ISPs will peer (i.e., use) the BT network infrastructure to transport customer traffic).

Affordable BT Leased Line Options

BTnet Express is a good option for smaller businesses requiring less bandwidth but the same service level options. Starting at 50Mbps, the same 100% uptime guarantee applies with 5-hour fix times. The Express product uses the existing Broadband FTTC infrastructure, but the actual connection is dedicated to your business, so it is not shared with other FTTC customers. By using the FTTC infrastructure, the service can be up and running within 6 weeks.

BT Leased Line Price Calculator

If you are ready to request your BT leased line pricing, you can use our calculator to select your options. We'll also apply current offers and discounts before returning the pricing to you, which ensures you'll receive the best possible costs.

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