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The BT Reseller program offers a range of benefits, including competitive upfront commissions, administrative support and a comprehensive product portfolio featuring Broadband, Cloud Voice, and BTnet leased lines. Resellers gain access to training, marketing resources, sales assistance and competitive commission structures.
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Netify is the largest UK distributor for BT Business. We help companies become Authorised Resellers for BT and EE. Our marketplace allows your business to order Broadband, Cloud Voice, EE Mobile, BT Leased Lines, SD WAN and SASE & SSE Cybersecurity with technical expertise across all products.


BT Broadband SOGEA & FTTP

20% commission for new and competitor winbacks. Discover the advantages of BT Business Broadband, tailored to keep your customer's business connected.

  1. Seamless Connectivity: In case of any broadband issues, the service automatically switches to EE's 4G network, ensuring uninterrupted online access while the problem is resolved.
  2. Lightning-fast Speeds: Experience ultra-fast connectivity with full fibre broadband, delivering speeds of up to 900 Mbps for all customers.
  3. Future-proof Phone Line: BT's digital phone line enables businesses to make and receive calls from their number anywhere, anytime, retaining their number even if they relocate.
  4. Round-the-clock Support: Benefit from our team of experts, available 24/7 to assist with any technical challenges, functioning as your on-demand IT support.

BT Cloud Voice Express

18% commission for new and competitor winbacks. BT Cloud Voice allows users to connect with clients and colleagues using their business number from their new digital handset or mobile phone.

  1. Portability: Customers can keep their local business number even if they change locations.
  2. Nuisance call blocking: Automatic filtering blocks unwanted calls, allowing users to focus on important matters.
  3. Smart voicemail: Voicemail messages are converted to text and sent directly to the app for faster response times.
  4. Handset included: A new handset is provided with every Cloud Voice Express line for use at the office.
  5. Call diversion: Unanswered calls can be diverted to colleagues, ensuring important calls are never missed and new opportunities are not lost.

BT Cloud Voice

20% commission for new and competitor winbacks. Cloud Voice equips customers with the resources necessary to communicate and collaborate from any place.

  1. Seamless call handling: Customers can make and receive calls on any device, with their numbers accessible wherever they go.
  2. Enhanced collaboration: Integrated Cisco Webex enables video conferencing, instant messaging, and file sharing.
  3. Uninterrupted communication: All-in-one communications on any device help customers stay connected in any situation, from minor inconveniences to major crises.
  4. Expert support: Customised system setups are available, and a 24/7 UK-based helpdesk ensures prompt problem resolution.
  5. Easy scalability: Customers can effortlessly add new users, devices, and locations as their businesses expand.
  6. Automatic updates: Free updates ensure the latest features and security patches are always available.
  7. It's recommended to sell Cloud Voice alongside the company's leased line or business broadband, which are designed for optimal compatibility and performance, with built-in Quality of Service and Voice Prioritisation.

BTnet Leased Lines

33% commission across new business and upgrades. BTnet leased lines offer customers the ultimate Internet connection.

  1. Exceptional reliability: Customers have a dedicated connection, ensuring consistent quality without busy periods.
  2. Ample speed and capacity: With symmetrical speeds up to 10Gbps and unlimited data, fast file transfers are possible.
  3. Increased control: Adding a Cisco Meraki router provides integrated Wi-Fi, guest access, and numerous LAN ports, while the BTnet User Portal allows usage monitoring.
  4. Enhanced security: BTnet Security offers a firewall, content filtering, and threat prevention for added protection.
  5. Dependable service: A market-leading 100% availability Service Level Agreement is provided.
  6. 24/7 support: The UK-based team is available around the clock, aiming to resolve all issues within five hours.
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EE Mobile & SIM Only

Discover the advantages of partnering with the UK's most reliable network, designed to keep your business connected and efficient.

  1. Unmatched reliability: Work confidently anywhere your customer's job takes them, knowing they're on the UK's most dependable network.
  2. Fastest speeds: Customer's average download speeds are 58 Mbps, enabling rapid file downloads and seamless collaboration.
  3. Extensive 5G coverage: With the widest 5G reach in both urban and rural areas, businesses remain connected and accessible.
  4. Constant innovation: Stay ahead with a network committed to enhancing speed, reliability, and call quality for an optimal experience.
  5. Stay Connected Data promise: Your customer is never out of touch, even when exceeding data limits, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.
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Partner with BT Business to sell SD WAN

Available for Resellers, access Meraki, Viptela, Fortinet and VeloCloud with BT managed SD WAN services.

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Netify is a multi-award winning BT Partner. Join us and unlock a brand new revenue stream for your business.

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